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The Adventure starts here.

Start your entrepreneurial adventure backed by the world’s largest RegTech group. Based on over two decades of knowledge and experience, we take aspiring business leaders’ ideas and turn them into world-class solutions and multinational businesses.

The early bird catches the Startup.

Who are we?

Nothing brings us more joy than finding extraordinary, gifted and talented CEO’s who are driven to succeed in industries with long term potential. The earlier we find your idea, the better. We want to be by your side for the long-haul, guiding you to success right from the start.

Our Investment Philosophy
We seek solutions that show a sustainable competitive advantage. Solutions that enable companies to grow faster by eliminating repetitive and inefficient tasks and free up users to focus on more innovative and strategic work.

We take the time to understand your solution. We build a fair partnership that’s win-win for everyone. Then we stick with you till the “happily ever after”.  

Why Work with us

Our goal has always been to help as many companies solve their problems and therefore look to partner with entrepreneurs on that same journey.

Accelerate Growth

Leverage off the VAT IT Group’s existing client base of over 20,000 clients worldwide and 40+ offices worldwide. Can your business help our clients solve their next biggest pain point?

Independence & Freedom 

We pride ourselves in finding exceptional people doing remarkable things. That’s why we give you the freedom and independence you need to grow your business. Although we give you the ship and the map, ultimately, you’re the captain.   

Knowledge & Experience 

We’ve done it all before. We’ve taken businesses from seedling idea stages and built them into multinational corporations. We know the roadmap to success because we’ve travelled this path before.

Not just Capital

We know your best-case scenario can’t be achieved with capital alone. That’s why we bring our expertise, experience and resources right to your door.

Our Approach

We co-found companies that are based on solutions within regulation, compliance, machine learning and automation, partnering with and funding entrepreneurs right from the start. We offer our full suite of expertise and resources without the complicated barriers to entry and without the perpetual and stressful cycle of having to find funding.

Everything starts with hearing your idea or solution:



Let’s hear your idea! We’ll look at the pain points it solves and see if it has potential.


Present your solution to a roundtable VAT IT Venture heavyweights.


The adventure begins. We’ll iron out the terms of our partnership and begin building your business.


You’ll leverage off our existing client base and resources to fasten the pace of company growth.

Our Team

Or Dotan

Prior to VAT IT ventures, Or was a Senior Auditor and consultant at the Hi-Tech department in EY for Three years. During that time, he accompanied and led Various clients in the Hi-Tech sector. Or holds a BA in Economics, major in Accounting from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Or served in the Israeli Submarine Fleet for five years in numerous positions, including commanding and management roles. 

Guy Horovitz

Prior to VAT IT Ventures, Guy was a Business Tax Advisory Manager at E&Y for four years. During that time, he accompanied and led M&A Transactions, and tax structures, especially in the HI-Tech field. Guy served in the Israeli Military intelligence for three years. With a Bachelor's degree of accounting and management and Master of Business Administration from the College of Management Academic Studies, Guy is well positioned to help other entrepreneurs build their business.

Tal Roth
Tal Roth
HR & Operations Manager

Prior to VAT IT ventures, Tal worked as part of the Human Resources function in small to mid-size companies in tech and advertising industries. During that time, she was responsible for the operation, welfare, recruitment, administration, and internal events. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Business Management from Tel Aviv University, Tal is well-positioned to support the growing workforce of all HR functions.

Tal Roth
Jess de Jongh
Managing Director - South Africa and UK

Prior to joining VAT IT Ventures, Jess rotated in many of the VAT IT businesses (VAT IT Group, TecEx, VAT IT Reclaim & vatglobal) absorbing their culture and business styles. These rotations included sales, customer service, R&D, recruitment, IT and Finance roles. This experience, coupled with his academic background in finance and accounting, means that Jess has the expertise to not only help you start and scale your business idea but to also make it a success.

Our Culture

A community that brings order among chaos. 

We keep our community of businesses and leaders close because we understand that in the face of market chaos and uncertainty, it’s the backing of a community that sees a growing business through challenges.
Not only will you be growing your own community but you’ll have access to an established community of revolutionaries, highly intelligent thinkers and courageous doers that will help you to nourish your progress and market capitalization.


An international community with diverse perspectives and ideas for problem solving. We’re enthusiastic about digital transformation and even more excited by people with a thirst for success.


We want to build creative, simple and friendly products that solve complicated, big problems.


Everyone here is approachable. Draw from our investors’ ‘knowledge well’ to provide you with insights, guidance, and validation. 


Ready to take your business to the world? 

All great business starts with a chat.
Book a chat with us by sending us a message here.  

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