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VAT IT Group is at the centre of a massive and complex industry and has earned the reputation as a world-leading, trusted service provider within reclaim, compliance & corporate regulation. Leveraging our proprietary software and cloud-based platforms, VAT IT delivers our premium service to over 20,000 clients including more than 50% of the fortune 500 companies.

With over 40 wholly-owned branches worldwide servicing clients in 107 countries, VAT IT is the largest firm of it’s kind on the planet. VAT IT also has a successful track record for launching additional products and businesses that address and solve industry pain points. 

Our Community

VAT IT Reclaim 

Offers an end-to-end,
fully automated VAT recovery solution for
expenses related to business travel, import tax, fuel and specialized
industry-specific cases. 


Provides detailed analysis
of foreign dividends
withholding tax
exposure, and recovers
unclaimed foreign
withholding taxes through the relevant
reclaim mechanism. 


Assists with the onerous withholding taxes that are applied to entities that perform services or earn royalty income in a country where they do not have a permanent establishment or registered entity.


Assists in managing the complex process of VAT registration and filing in each country through full-service registration,
outsourcing and ongoing consulting.


A consolidator of VAT IT Group’s
services offering competitive
pricing to our clients using prenegotiated
rates with travel and
logistics related suppliers. 

Catalyst Solutions

Assists companies in saving
money by taking advantage of tax
incentives and government grants
on research and development. 


Software that provides businesses with powerful share
Incentive scheme tools and managing platform.  


Born from the pain points caused by Brexit, re:TRADE sets out to help companies avoid any non-compliance pitfalls and save unwanted hidden costs within their imports and experts. 


Offers a holistic indirect tax consulting service on a global scale. Our core areas of expertise include international VAT law interpretation, identifying in-country savings opportunities by analysing general ledger accounts, optimizing international tax structures, and providing detailed opinions.

Group Leadership

Saul Goldstein
Executive Chairman of VAT IT Group 

Saul is the Executive Chairman of the VAT IT Group. Saul is a key member of the Strategic Committee which is responsible for advising on the strategic direction of the VAT IT Group’s businesses. Having been involved in VAT IT Group’s most successful multinationals, Saul has an eagle eye for potential entrepreneurs. Saul contributes to the direction, development and distribution of VAT IT Venture’s startups. Saul holds a Bachelor of Arts (WITS University).

Daniel Ginsburg
Board Member
CEO of WTax

Daniel is the Chief Executive Officer of WTax - our dividends withholding tax reclaim business. Daniel has extensive experience in distributing and managing a range of financial products and has a masterful approach to operations and project management. Daniel holds the following degrees: B.A; as well as an LLB Law (WITS University).

Stuart Hancock
Board Member
VAT IT Group Managing Director

Stuart is the VAT IT Group’s Managing Director and provides thoughtful, sound and big-picture thinking to the group’s many businesses. Having been with VAT IT for over a decade, Stuart has gained a wealth of experience in strategy, growth and scale while driving businesses from the VAT IT Group head office. Stuart is a qualified CA(SA). He earned his degree from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Brendon Silver
Board Member
CEO of VAT IT Reclaim

Brendon is the leading force behind the VAT IT Group’s oldest and largest business - VAT IT Reclaim. Brendon has hands-on experience in the entrepreneurial journey having started his career at VAT IT growing the London branch, Brendon has grown the reclaim business to 40 international offices worldwide with over 10,000 clients - He’s seen and done it all. Brendon provides deep knowledge and value to startups on the same trajectory. Brendon is a qualified CA(SA) from the University of the Witwatersrand.


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